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Mary Carmody is an established Nutritionist based in Cork and originally from Kerry

Mary’s passion for nutrition and health originally helped her to set up her business to help her clients improve their overall nutrition and health in a practical way. Mary believes that a combination of healthy eating, making time for exercise, having good quality sleep at night and minimising stress are the keys to a healthy and balanced life and to our overall health.

Mary provides a professional, comprehensive range of nutritional services with a proven track record of delivering high quality services to her clients, Mary’s business remains at the forefront of nutritional practice in Cork and indeed Ireland.

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Work & Experience

Mary has also worked with Patrick Holford, a leading nutritionist and psychologist in the UK, in organising his highly popular seminars in Cork. www.patrickholford.com
Patrick has written many best-selling Nutrition & Health books worldwide. Mary also speaks at many events including the “Allergy Free Expo” which is held each year at the City Hall in Cork.

Mary has over 9 years’ experience in the Nutrition and Health sector. Mary is also a regular contributor to Cork local radio stations, Irish Examiner Feel Good Supplement, Cork News and the Health section of Irish Independent newspaper. Click to read a recent article from Irish Independent

She worked as a successful sales executive for over 13 years before following her passion in nutrition and health. Her experience of eating out and travelling and being on the road made her aware of the detrimental health effects of so much processed and convenience foods that are available today, and taught her the importance of understanding what is in our food and how it is made and where it comes from.

Mary is a busy mum to three young children so she understands the importance of making manageable changes and also how healthy food must be tasty, easy and quick to prepare.

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To book a consultation or to speak to Mary please call 087 288 44 61 or alternatively email mary@marycarmodynutrition.ie

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With an extensive portfolio of clients within the public and private sector, Mary Carmody Nutrition can deliver an integrated range of services to promote health, good food, nutrition and therapeutic lifestyle changes to benefit people of all ages.  At the heart of Mary’s business is health and wellness: transforming people’s lives through food and nutritional advice, education and services.  Mary empowers individuals to take responsibility for their own health and enables companies to provide for the health and wellbeing of their employees.  Mary aims to promote comprehensive diet and lifestyle changes to restore body function, enabling people to achieve their specific health goals and promote optimal wellness for life in a simple and easy way.

Mary Carmody Nutrition Cork Ireland Mary Carmody Nutritionist Cork Ireland


Mary has worked with a variety of Irish and International companies including Pepsi, Pfizers, Boston Scientific, Kerry Foods, Eli Lilly, Stryker, EMC, Johnson & Johnson, Bio Marin, Fexco, Bord Gais, VHI, and many more throughout the years.

Mary holds a professional 3 year qualification in Nutritional Therapy which is the comprehensive study of Nutritional Science and Therapeutics and includes supervised practitioner training within a clinic environment.

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