Food Intolerance Testing

Mary Carmody Nutrition offers group rates to companies wishing to provide Food Intolerance Testing in Cork to employees.

Food Intolerance Testing can be offered to employees as part of your "Wellness at Work" Program.

To read about what Food Intolerance is please click here

Booking Nutritionist Mary Carmody is a great place to start and has a low cost per head. Everyone has to eat and many would like to eat better and a little bit of help can help give them the confidence to take that first step.

Mary Carmody can also provide group nutrition talks and workshops to Cork companies which are tailored to your industry and budget, and/or offer a drop-in or booked nutrition clinic service for one-on-one evidence-based advice for employees including Food Intolerance Testing if needed.

Providing a healthy workspace can lead to healthier employees. As reported by the Confederation of British Industry (2010), the average direct cost of absence is £595 with an average indirect cost of £465 per employee. Improving the wellbeing of your staff can reduce absence; lead to a more productive workforce; and improve staff morale.

If you would like to get your company and workplace healthier I can provide a consultancy service covering all aspects of nutrition including how to register and get your company listed with the government’s Responsibility Deal.


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