Nutrition4Life 6 Week Course

Corporate Nutrition TalksMary runs this group programme in companies over 6 weeks with or without individualised 1:1 nutritional consultations.

Over the 6 week weeks Mary discusses

  • The Importance of Blood Sugar Balancing.
  • Energising Foods
  • The Good and Bad Fats in the Diet.
  • Portion Sizes and Food Labelling
  • Healthy Breakfast, Lunches, Dinners/Lunches
  • Healthy Snacks
  • Boosting the Immune
  • Managing Stress through Diet & Lifestyle

In addition to the above, Mary also provides lots of very simple healthy recipe and snack ideas to her clients. She includes simple tasty main courses, smoothies, soups, juices, granolas and healthy snacks as part of her recipes. Mary samples lots of different foods including hummus, protein balls/energy bars, smoothies, juices, salads and more over this 6 week Nutrition 4 Life Programme. Mary believes that sampling these foods is the key to the success of this programme. Mary enjoys working with her clients, helping them get healthier and feel more energised, happy and fitter by embracing her simple diet and lifestyle changes. Her simple recipes and tips over the 6 weeks really make it a very simple transformation for her clients.

“Mary has a really practical approach to this Nutrition programme recognizing that everyone has a busy life and can’t be good 100% of the time. I think I really learnt a lot about food and will be much more focused in the future on the nutritional value rather than just counting calories. I really feel that I can maintain this type of healthy lifestyle without too much effort”
John – Apple Cork

"Mary, thanks a mil for all your help with making me healthy – I recently did a medical after doing your programme and I am still keeping my weight down and my cholesterol is at an all time low – this is definitely down to your advice and talks. I really want to say thanks for motivating and helping me to believe that I could change my diet and exercise even at my age."
Stephen – Shift worker - Pfizer Pharmaceutical Company – Cork

"I did this course with Mary 3 years ago with my company and I can honestly say, I am still sticking to all Mary’s simple tips and recipes and I now continually follow Mary on her facebook tip where she gives very simple practical tips which I can add in to my busy life without too much hard work. I also have shared this information with my family and some friends also. Mary, you are a true inspiration, keep up your fab work and thank you again !"
Valerie, Multinational - Cork

These programmes can be tailor made for individual companies to suit their training needs but all are set up to enable effective weight loss/weight gain and to optimise health and vitality for each participant. These can be undertaken on an individual or group basis to achieve long term weight loss, health and wellness.


Each program is tailored for your company.

Week 1

Introduction Week

Topic: Introduction to the Nutritionist and Fitness Coach

What to expect over the 6 weeks.

Handout of Programme folder: includes lifestyle, nutrition, exercise tips, goal-setting template, body composition measurement template.

Session: Importance of Blood Sugar
Balancing (Nutritionist talk) & Snack Sampling

Week 2

Nutritional Session

Topic: Simple & Healthy Meals, Heart Health

Simple and healthy breakfasts and dinners for busy lifestyles, along with a discussion of nutrition for Heart Health. This includes looking at good and bad fats in the diet, and heart-healthy foods & tips.

Sampling of healthy granola

week 3

Nutritional Session
45 mins

Topic: Increasing Energy Levels, Managing Portion Sizes or Managing Stress through Diet

Interactive session with food weighing scales and a look at portion sizes for commonly eaten foods or Eat right to fight stress
Plus: Healthy Smoothie Making Demo.

Week 4

Nutritional Session

Topic: Healthy Dinners, Meal Planning for Work/Home

Discussion on the importance of meal planning to provide healthy dinners, especially tailored to busy employees with little time.

Sample a simple lunch option using quinoa and vegetables.

Week 5

Nutritional Session

Topic: Healthy Snacks, Learn how to read Food Labels

Healthy snack sampling will take place during this session, along with an
interactive look at reading and understanding common food labels.

Sample healthy snacks including delicious protein balls.

week 6

Nutritional Session
45 mins

Topic: Boosting the Immune System, Reviewing & Maintaining Success

Boosting the immune system in a natural way through nutrition and lifestyle.

Discussion on the importance of maintaining your success plus a review of achievements, results and rewards.
Taste a healthy treat and an immune boosting juice.


This Programme will support 20-25 employees on their diet and fitness journeys by providing the tools and expertise necessary. This Nutrfit4Life Programme is aimed at people who want to gain/lose weight, educate themselves a bit more on nutrition with simple recipes and tips as well as those who wish to learn more about gaining muscle and becoming fitter.


  • Weekly weigh in on Tanita Body Fat Analyser(see handout attached) by Nutritionist(if required by everyone)
  • Weekly group presentation by nutritionist
  • Weekly recipes provided by nutritionist
  • Weekly lifestyle brainstorm and fitness class by personal trainer (twice-weekly by arrangement)
  • Weekly at-home exercise programme provided by personal trainer

Printed and Electronic Material

Week 1, the NutriFit-4-Life team will provide each Programme participant with a folder of printed material, designed to educate, encourage and empower each individual to commit fully to the 6 week Programme. This material will be added to each week with further handouts being distributed. If desired, and by arrangement, the Programme participants may opt to be included in a weekly motivational email newsletter from the Coaches, recapping the topics discussed and providing electronic copies of the handouts provided.

Requirements to Aid Sessions

Nutritional Sessions: Access to drinking water to make smoothies or for participants during the session. Set up of power point presentation if necessary.
Fitness Coaching Sessions: a room suitable for up to 30 persons to participate in a fitness training session. This does not necessarily need to be a large room or a gym-designated space. A board room or class room style generally suits fine. The instructor can bring all necessary equipment on-site, including Pilate’s mats, Pilate’s accessories, and Boxercise pads and gloves if necessary. The instructor will need a power source and music player suitable for IPhone.
For the lifestyle discussions, a whiteboard and markers would be welcome.
Optional Personal Training Sessions By arrangement, the fitness coach may provide an additional group fitness session or individual personal training, for additional cost. In this case, access to an on-site gym or fitness room if available would be ideal. Otherwise personal training sessions can be held in a suitable room such as that described above for fitness coaching sessions.

Participant Duties

Participants will be weighed in using Tanita body composition measurement scales weekly, with the Nutritionist. It is recommended to be barefoot when being weighed to get accurate readings.  Attendance to a high degree is expected in both the nutrition and fitness sessions, as results are reflected by the amount of effort put in by each individual.

Tailoring to Company Needs

The above suggested Programme may be altered to accommodate the Company’s specific requests. Additional 1:1 nutrition and personal training consultations are available at an extra cost. Mary has attached a copy of her Nutritional Questionnaire which goes alongside her consultation. Weekly food diary analysis is also available by email if required by each company.   Please discuss your company’s specific requirements with Mary Carmody at the time of booking at or 087 2884461.

Cost of Programme

You will receive your personalised quote from Mary including 6 Nutrition Presentations including food sampling (20-25 people), recipes, folders, plus 1 Fitness Coaching session each week including at-home workouts.

If you would like to discuss a Nutri Fit-4-Life Program for your company please contact Mary today on 087 2884461 or alternatively fill out this quick form

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