Corporate Testimonials

Thank you Mary for your excellent demonstration to our staff at our office at Avery Dennison Ireland Ltd.  Your practical demonstration formed part of our wellness initiative in May this year & was received really well by our staff.  Mary showed how to make nutritious smoothies using many healthy ingredients during a live demonstration and our staff and also provided a number of protein balls she prepared in advance for all to taste.  Thank you for being available for all the questions at the end and sharing the recipes for all you had demonstrated.

Siobhan O'Regan - Human Resources Manager - Avery Dennison

 Stryker involved Mary in their Operation Transformation Programme onsite for 6 weeks which included weekly weigh ins and talks plus a full day of one to one consultations.

Mary was very friendly and motivated each of the leaders well, provided great recipes, tasters and fabulous seminars to all involved.  She was fantastic and we cannot wait to work with her again in the near future ! Over the 6 weeks some leaders lost over a stone and others half a stone which were phenomenal results.

Karen O’Driscoll - Occupational Health Nurse - Stryker -Cork

Mary has provided several nutritional information sessions to Novartis over the past year. She organised a “Berry Smoothie Tasting Day” and provided lots of healthy family recipe ideas, for the Health & Nutrition Stand at the  Family Days in the past. Mary organised a number of lunch time stands including the promotion of “Tasty Snack Options” and “Healthy Herbs Ideas”.  Mary really believes how important it is for our health and well-being to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle.   Mary is very professional to deal with and employee feedback is always very positive.  Mary is practical and enthusiastic and loves motivating people into feeling healthier. We look forward to working with her again in the near future

HR Manager - Novartis - Cork.

Mary provided lunchtime stands for Stryker Limerick on healthy eating tips and recipes. These stands were very well received by our employees and Mary’s very tasty smoothies went down a treat for all to enjoy. A large proportion of our Stryker employees availed of Mary’s knowledge and expertise on food and nutrition during her visit with us. We look forward to having Mary to visit us again to share other appropriate health topics with us.

Eileen Hannon - Stryker Orthopaedics - Limerick

Mary Carmody could be described as:
"An inspiration", "Very knowledgeable", "Passionate about the subject", "Excellent", "Thorough and she provided an array of food samples which were brilliant", "Would love more time with her."

Fexco , Financial Services Company

PepsiCo have been partnering with Mary Carmody Nutrition for 3 years. Mary designed and delivered a 12 week Lifestyle Changes programme that has produced fantastic results for all our participants. Her knowledge and passion for Nutrition has been key to this success, as well as the additional discretionary effort she commits to ensure her clients (our staff) achieve their personal goals.  I continue to be impressed by the relationships she builds with our people and consistently receive outstanding feedback from everyone who has worked with her. We have only scratched the surface of the value Mary can add and I’m looking forward to doing more with her in the future.

Laura Kelly - HR Business Partner - Pepsi, Cork

Mary’s programme Nutrition for Life was very well received on our fast-growing site. Our participants found the smoothie demonstrations, recipes, 1:1s and weekly group sessions to be incredibly useful.

Mary was also very open to tailoring the programme to our site’s needs. We look forward to having her back for future talks and programmes.

Regina Colloca - BioMarin International Ltd.