Tips to combat the Flu

I’ve comprised a list of tips here to keep your immune systems boosted while we weather the cold and flu season.

Boost up your Vitamin C levels by using a variety of frozen berries and spinach in your smoothies, use broccoli and green peppers in your stir fries and include a variety of fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables in your daily diet (lots of homemade soups etc.)

Research has shown that Vitamin D is a key vitamin for boosting the immune system and by taking vitamin D when you have a cold or infection, you can reduce the length of time infection lasts. Vitamin D can be got from dairy products, eggs, herring, mackerel, salmon and by exposing skin to the sun. However during our winters here, it would be recommended to take a high dose of vitamin D as this reduces risk of infections when we have very little sun It would be advisable to get your vitamin D levels checked with your doctor or in your health shop before taking high doses of this vitamin and make sure to take a good quality liquid version of D3 which will work quickly and effectively.
The mineral Zinc has been used successfully as a preventative agent against many conditions and is critical in the proper functioning of the immune system. Zinc rich foods include pumpkin seeds, nuts, wholegrains seeds pulses, egg yolk, haddock and good quality red meats


Use Garlic in your daily diet as studies have shown how this natural remedy was used centuries before it was discovered for infections as garlic is rich in compounds with immune boosting, antibacterial and antiviral activity. Try a raw clove grated over your salad or soup or even use in smoothie!
If you do get the flu or infections, burn some tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil in an oil burner to kill the bugs in the house


During the day cut down on caffeine and regular tea intake and try having a cup of hot water, squeeze a lemon, a tablespoon apple cider vinegar and a few slices of fresh ginger, let it sit there and drink when it has cooled down
At least 70% of our immune cells are located in our gut so make sure to take a good probiotic supplement to promote good bacteria and once again gets rid of the germs in the gut.
One of the best herbs for supporting the immune is Echinacea and this works by reducing the amount of inflammatory chemicals produced in the body. It is antiviral particularly against the flu virus and respiratory tract infections
Elderberry is a favourite in our house for its antiviral effects. 2 clinical studies have found extract of elderberry to reduce the symptoms of flu when taken in the first few days of infection then continued for at least 3 days. Source in the health shop.
Last of all, REST & RELAXATION and take care of your body and get sufficient sleep each night – Read a good book, light the fire and sip on a herbal tea.

Stay well

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