Private Consultations

Mary offers private one to one consultations in her Carrigaline-based nutrition clinic in Cork. Mary can also consult by phone and skype which work really well.


If you would like only one or two sessions with Mary she is available for private consultations on any of the health topics covered on this website and if you have any health questions not covered Mary can discuss these with you at your visit.

Individual Consultations €100 CLICK HERE

Follow up Consultations €90 CLICK HERE

Family Consultations €130 CLICK HERE

Allergy Testing:

Mary carries out extensive food intolerance testing and allergy testing for adults and children in Cork. You can read more about Allergy Testing by clicking here.

To order your allergy test with Mary in Cork simply click here


6-8 Week Nutrition 4 Life Programme Private

This is a very popular 6-8 week programme designed to help people get healthier and is not aimed towards people losing weight. Many people want to just get healthier and be educated about the benefits of good food. Some people may even want to put on weight or just feel more energised/less sluggish. - €349 (single) or €495 SPECIAL OFFER (for couples/friends/family) for two people each will do a separate one to one consultation with Mary

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6-8 Week Nutrition & Weight Loss Programme Private

3 full nutritional consultations (allowing 1 hour for the first) plus 2 followup appointments (40-45mins) and 2 additional weigh in’s on the Tanita Body Analyser (same as one used in Operation Transformation) plus print outs in between each visit if required.

Plus food samplings, recipes and goals! I will also analyse your food diary each time we meet. So a total of 5 visits to my clinic in Carrigaline. - €349 (single) or €495 SPECIAL OFFER (for couples/friends/family) for two people each will do a separate one to one consultation with Mary

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All About Nutritional Consultations with Mary

Mary sends out her clients a detailed questionnaire to complete which will identify different health concerns they may have in their life including poor digestion, bloating, food intolerances, poor diet, IBS, low mood, lack of motivation, fatigue, feeling stressed/overwhelmed, restless legs and much more. Mary also works with mental health issues such as panic attacks, anxiety, low mood, adrenal issues, poor concentration, fatigue and more.

Mary Carmody Corporate NutritionistMary’s overall aim is to guide and support her clients in improving their own health naturally, working with the most up-to-date scientific research. Mary helps clients make simple, practical steps that help them to transform their diet and lifestyles. She always works at identifying and treating the root cause of a health problem and doesn’t just treat the symptoms. If a client comes in with high cholesterol or digestive issues such as bloating/wind issues, Mary will investigate what the underlying causes may be by looking at the body in a holistic manner and treat accordingly.

Mary is a busy mum of three young children, so understands the importance of making manageable changes that are tasty, easy and quick to prepare and healthy!

“I always thought ‘healthy eating’ seemed daunting until I met Mary. She provides you with the WHY and the HOW. It’s important to understand why some foods are better than others, the levels of salt in our diet and the benefit of blood sugar balancing. Once Mary gives you a couple of key watch-outs suddenly healthy eating isn’t about counting calories or feeling guilty, it’s more about how to make yourself feel good. Mary also provides the most simple and delicious recipes that anyone can follow. "
Ciara O’Brien – mid 30’s  - Cork

Who comes for a nutrition consultation?

corporate nutrition Training Cork Mary CarmodyMary sees an equal amount of men and women of all age groups and an increasing number of families especially young children. In addition, Mary carries out extensive food intolerance testing for adults and children. Some clients have specific health issues, but a lot of people also come looking for general advice so that they can fine tune their existing diet to look and feel great.

Many of Mary’s clients have food intolerances, or need to lose/gain weight, have low energy/fatigue, sugar cravings, digestive trouble (including IBS, constipation, bloating, reflux,wind), allergies, high cholesterol or high blood pressure, eczema, psoriasis, low mood/anxiety, joint pain, PMS or pre-diabetes.

It is recommended to leave an hour for your initial nutritional consultation followed by 50 minutes for follow-up appointments. Mary will accurately measure her client’s height using the Leicester scales and their weight is measured using the Tanita Body Fat Analyser (same machine as on Operation Transformation). A print out of body fat, BMI, visceral fat, muscle mass and much more is then given and a personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan will be agreed each person doing a consultation, based on their individual needs and goals and a follow-up session will be booked if necessary.

People normally follow up with Mary 4 weeks after initial appointment but this can vary depending on health concern (weight loss, food intolerance, cholesterol management etc.) as weight loss clients would revisit much more regularly. Most clients will just need between 2-4 consultations spread over a few months and for some people, one consultation will suffice. Some people like to get more long term support so it really depends on the individual and their needs/preference. Subsequently, Mary is pleased to offer a 15 minute follow-up including weigh-in for long term weight loss clients at a much reduced price.

Mary’s overall aim is to give her clients the knowledge and tools to manage their own health, so they can take this knowledge with them throughout their lives.