Skype Nutritional Consultation

Phone and Skype Nutrition Consultations

Nutritional support to help you make the changes you need in your health anywhere in the world.

With a phone or Skype appointment, Nutritionist Mary Carmody can help you accomplish your goals at a time and place that’s most convenient for you. No matter where you live or work or even how busy your schedule is, phone and Skype appointments offer a level of flexibility that works.

Skype Nutrition Consultation Mary Carmody

Phone and Skype Nutritional consultations are great options for those who are too busy or are unable to come to Mary Carmody's Nutritional Clinics.

Prior to your appointment:

You will complete a health history and nutrition questionnaire so Nutritionist Mary Carmody can gain a thorough understanding of your health challenges and goals.

Your consultation:

Initial phone and Skype appointments can take place as one individual session or two sessions. Further follow ups are available if required.

  1. In a Skype Nutritional Consultation, Nutritionist Mary Carmody will review your health history and establish goals for your health concerns. She will help you understand how nutrition can reduce your symptoms and improve your health. After the first session, your nutritionist Mary Carmody will create your personalized health plan and mail or email it along with recipes and/or educational materials so you understand what to do and how to do it to start feeling better.
  2. In your second session (optional), Mary reviews your food plan and discusses why certain foods are important to include in your diet and why others may need to be eliminated. Additional materials may be sent after this appointment. You’ll get your questions answered and feel confident about your new plan by the end of this appointment.
  3. Further sessions can be booked on request or as per the pricings below

Your nutritionist, Mary Carmody, will work with you to set goals and develop practical ways for you to implement your personalised plan.

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Phone and Skype appointments require nutritionist Mary Carmody to create your personalized eating plan and pull together documents, such as recipes and other educational materials, to email or mail after the session. In order for Mary to send you everything in a timely manner, phone and Skype appointments may be slightly shorter than in-person visits.

Food Intolerance Consultations via Skype

Many people are doing online skype or phone consultations for Lorisian Food Intolerance testing. I post you a Food Intolerance Testing kit, you can take their own blood prick sample with clear instructions and post back in prepaid envelope. I will contact you when results are back and do a skype consultation.


Skype Nutrition Consultation Rates:

  • Initial Consultation (1-hour): €110
  • Follow-Up Consultation (1-hour): €90
  • Mini Follow-Up Consultation (30-minutes): €60

Skype Nutrition Consultation Package Rates

Personalised Wellness Package 1 person

  • Includes initial, 1-hour consultation plus two, 1-hour follow-up appointments: €270
  • (A saving of €20 off standard rate of €290)

Nutrition and Weight Loss Package 6-8 Week Skype Program

3 full nutritional consultations (allowing 1 hour for the first) plus 2 followup appointments (40-45mins)  plus emails in between each visit if required.

Plus information, recipes and goals! I will also analyse your food diary each time we speak.

So a total of 5 consultations via Skype.
€349 Single
€495 Special Offer (for couples, friends, family) for two people each will do a separate one to one consultation with Mary