I took my 2 year old son to see Mary as I was desperate to find something that might help him. Prior to seeing Mary, my son had been in hospital about 8 times in 2 years starting at 6 weeks of age, with asthma type symptoms (I say that because at his age they don't really diagnose it as asthma - hoping that they will grow out of it). We had countless South Doc and GP visits, I had tried cranial osteopathy, switching to goats milk formula, salt therapy and other allergy testing and felt like I was getting nowhere. Through Mary my son had the York/Lorisian blood Intolerance Test carried out and it showed him to be intolerant to dairy predominantly and some other foods. We made the switch instantly and haven't looked back. I would be slow to say he's 'cured' but the fact is, it has been several months since we made the changes to his diet and he has not been sick. With Mary's help we came up with alternatives to dairy etc. to ensure his nutritional needs are still being met. I was not keen to remove dairy from his diet but seeing him so well in the last couple of months it is certainly worth it, thank you Mary for all your support- I can now sleep again at night.

Nikki, Mum of 2 - Kinsale