I made an appointment with Mary Carmody because I was suffering from fungal nail infections and yeast infections and generally coming down with infections regularly despite eating a healthy diet. I already had my suspicions that I had a yeast overgrowth and had started to change my diet in some ways but I wanted to get some testing done to see what came up in the results. I was very shocked to find that I showed a strong intolerance to wheat, cow's milk and yeast. I was a little overwhelmed to discover that I would have to cut these out of my diet for a full three months and found this a daunting prospect. However, Mary was very helpful and informative and provided me with all the help I needed in terms of advice on foods to eat, foods to avoid and where to shop! I was also very impressed by the holistic approach that she adopted and she offered advice to try and improve other aspects of my life such as reducing stress and promoting relaxation.  I have lost weight and feel so much better now and am a lot more positive now about my new diet and the alternatives that are out there to help. The whole experience has opened my eyes to a whole world of foods that I didn't know existed and I feel that I have learned a lot in the process. I would recommend anyone who suspects they may have a food sensitivity or intolerance to seek advice from Mary.

Eleanor, mid 40's Cork