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infographic-obesity-overweight-200Ireland's obesity levels are rising and recent statistics from the World Health Organisation(WHO) show that Ireland could be Europe's fattest country by 2030 – a startling but very true fact!

The figures show that 85% of Irish women will be overweight and 57% obese by 2030.

Around 89% of Irish men will be classified as overweight, with some 48% obese by 2030.

Lack of physical exercise and too many processed high fat, high salt, high sugar foods combined with peoples’ busy lifestyles are fuelling this problem. People really need to be educated about the importance of good nutrition and shown exactly how it works.

What’s different about working with Mary is that her diet and lifestyle advice is sustainable unlike many of the fad diets out there in the market. Mary specialises in effective long term weight loss programmes where she will help transform your diet and lifestyle by helping you to stop cravings, feel more energised, lose weight and basically feel healthier. She educates her clients about good food and the benefits of eating certain foods to maintain optimum health.

Lovely testimonial just in.

My GP was insisting that I go on blood pressure tablets... I was resisting. I said I will to bring down my blood pressure by making lifestyle changes..simple -- I'll eat healthier and exercise more....every Monday I'd start...and by every Tuesday I had failed...again and again and again.... A friend suggested I make an appointment to visit Mary......that was 5 months ago and now I am 3 stone lighter -- my blood pressure is perfect 122/67 -- I feel fantastic -- I'm enjoying the taste of food and I'm never hungry... Thank you Mary..
Tony - Cork - mid 50's

and another

“Mary is a natural positive person and an excellent communicator. Mary has helped me greatly in my understanding of nutrition, given me lots of advice on recipes and tips for a healthy lifestyle. I’m half way towards my goal weight losing 3 stone in 4 months. The next 3 stone will be hard, but I’m motivated and with the support of Mary Carmody Nutrition I will achieve my goal. Please make that call and get started, it will make a huge difference to confidence in yourself and most of all your health!”

Sean – Cork – early 60’s

Mary works with her weight loss clients for between 2 months and a year to help them achieve their nutrition and health goals along with helping them transform their lives in a very simple way.

questionaireInitially Mary sends her client a detailed health and lifestyle questionnaire which needs to be filled in and send back to Mary prior to meeting her for the first consultation. This questionnaire looks at the interactions between different systems in the body together with any presenting signs and symptoms from client. It takes 10-15 minutes to complete but saves time at the consultation and will also enable Mary to plan an effective programme for her client.

Over the 6-8 Week Programme, Mary will identify and address underlying causes of health problems often due to imbalances in body system, rather than simply focusing on symptoms. Mary also combines her many years of nutritional experience with NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and coaching to help her client to establish positive health goals and to teach them how to adopt diet and lifestyle changes that are achievable and manageable in the long term.

Mary-Carmody-Nutritionist-1Mary recognises in her practice that we are all unique and no one diet or health treatment programme will be suitable for everyone. She is trained to look at people as individuals, to look for potential underlying causes of health problems which may be contributing to a client’s symptoms.

In a consultation, it’s important to look at a client’s health history, genetic predispositions, environmental inputs and any physiological processes. Assessment also provides the basis for referral to a doctor, or other healthcare professional if necessary.

Mary also provides an array of health snacks/smoothie tastings and will show her client how to make these simple recipes and snacks in order to stay healthy going forward.

Mary Carmody Nutrition provides educational nutritional protocols for each client. The use of food and lifestyle changes is recognised as a principle component of achieving and maintaining optimal levels of health. Research is increasingly recognising that foods have nutritive value beyond simply caloric or macronutrient quantity and quality. Mary will work with you to achieve the best food selection for your personal needs. Her focus is always to promote a high quality nutritious diet and Mary may also recommend some good quality, nutritional supplements to support her client.

6-8 Week Nutrition & Weight Loss Course


Mary Carmody Nutrition, Carrigaline, Co Cork & The Therapy Rooms, Victoria Cross, Cork


3 full nutritional consultations (allowing 1 hour for the first)

2 followup appointments (40-45mins)

2 Food diary analysis & additional weigh in’s on the Tanita Body Analyser (same as one used in Operation Transformation) plus print outs in between each visit if required - 15-20 minutes each.

I will also sample foods/snacks with you for your consultations and give you simple recipesand goals! 5 visits to my clinic either my clinic in Carrigaline or Victoria Cross(Mondays am or Wednesdays pm)


€349   per person or €495 for two people
(recipes, sampling of smoothies, hummus, recipes, snacks and much more)
Special: Couples/Buddy/Friends Offer – 2 people can come for just €495 for the 2.
“Make Food your Friend not your Enemy”  

This practical 6-8 week Nutrition & Weight Loss/Health Programme covers:

  • Successful weight loss – become a fat burner
  • Healthy eating for you and your family
  • How to read food labels and avoid the hidden fats and sugar
  • How to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol naturally
  • Managing digestive aliments through diet and natural supplements
  • Food intolerance testing also available at additional cost using a finger prick blood test
  • Meal planning and recipes

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 Contact Mary Carmody, Nutritional Consultant (087) 2884461 or mary@marycarmodynutrition.ie

RECENT TESTIMONIALS – see testimonials page for more

” I recently completed Mary’s Programme and have found not only have I lost weight but my whole outlook on food has changed and Mary explained how to make these changes in a very simple way – thank you Mary″

John – Douglas

”Mary just asked me to change the foods I was eating to eat healthier foods as they were bad for my health.. She really motivated me to achieve this in a very simple and pleasant manner – i am now down nearly 2 stone having just started the programme in November and will continue, thank you Mary”

Louis – Bishopstown

”Mary’s course was fab and she was always so enthusiastic of me getting my results and kept motivating me to achieve my target, I couldn’t believe I achieved it so easily and really enjoyed the food and snack tastings plus I never felt hungry – I am determined to keep it up”


“Great course and i also did food intolerance test so its the first Christmas in 12 years I have not had a headache so thanks so much Mary”

Marisa – Midleton – December

”We really enjoyed Mary’s course(my friend and I) and we were both able to spur each other on which was great so now we are enjoying lots of simple healthy snacks and smoothies and energy is great and aches and pains have gone”

Rose & Mary

”I had no idea my body fat was so high and my metabolic age so high also until I got the print out from Mary on her fab machine, i felt depressed when I first visited Mary but as the weeks went by and I combined exercise as recommended by Mary and followed her tips on diet and regularly eating snacks etc , my body fat and metabolic age and weight has continually come down and I’m feeling so happy now – thanks a mill”

Jesse – September